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Driver Motor DC 50A Arduino Shield Dual H-Bridge

Jual Driver Motor DC 50A Arduino Shield Dual H-Bridge Murah

Spesifikasi :

  • Power Vcc (Load) : DC 0V~30V
  • Recommend power Vcc (Load) : DC 12V~26V
  • Peak current (Load) : 50A
  • Recommend max working current (Load) : 20A
  • Kontrol Vcc : 4V~12V
  • Kontrol logic TTL : DC 2.5V~12V
  • Terdiri dari 2 bagian yang independen untuk kontrol 2 output motor putaran bolak-balik (motor dc not included)
  • Dapat langsung dikoneksikan dengan mikrokontroller AVR / MCS-51 / Arduino / ARM / Rasberry Pi dll
  • Support PWM / PID / Fuzzy / PID Fuzzy (mikrokontroller not included)
  • Support sistem auto brake
  • Dimensi : panjang 6,4 cm x lebar 5,2 cm
  • Berat : 25 gr
  • Kondisi : Baru

 ** Hardware**

  • 4x Infineon Power Mosfet LR7843
  • Using logic chips for signal isolation, the effective protection of the microcontroller
  • Using high-quality solid capacitors filtering, superior performance

Notice :

1) Control TTL voltage means the High voltage of the control pins (EN, LPWM, RPWM, DIS).

2) The stable max working current is 20A while load Vcc is between 12V~30V. The current is restricted by heat dissipation. Current, we don’t add any heat radiator on the board. So if the current is over 20A, the heat may melt the soldering tin and cause problems. If you want it working stable at higher current, you should add radiator.

3) Power Vcc is recommended to be higher than 12V if your load is large-current devices. While over 12V, the MOSFET is working fully and its power consumption is small. So the heat will be less. If your load current is not large and just several  amperes, the power Vcc can be as low as 3V.

Interface :
We are trying to let this driver be compatible with Arduino and non-Arduino users. We leave holes on the PCB and so mount long-pin felmale hearders to plug in Arduino. If you are non-Arduino user, leave the holes alone.

To improve performance while with large current load. you could add soldering tin on the routs shown below.

Control :
Basically the control is very easy.
* Rotate forward: EN = HIGH, RPWM = PWM, LPWM = HIGH, DIS = vacant
* Rotate reverse: EN = HIGH, RPWM = HIGH, LPWM = PWM, DIS = vacant
* Stop and brake: EN = HIGH, RPWM = HIGH, LPWM = HIGH, DIS = vacant
* Stop but not brake: EN = 0, RPWM = HIGH, LPWM = HIGH, DIS = vacant
* Prohibit : EN = X, RPWM = X, LPWM = X, DIS = HIGH

For Arduino users : 

Please Note :
1. Smaller PWM duty will get higher speed.
2. PWM frequency should be 1Khz ~ 60Khz. Smaller frequency could get it work but not in perfect performace. It may increase the module’s resonse time, but very slight in nanosecond level. We can’t sense it. Default frequency of Arduino PWM is 0.5Khz. In our test, the default frequency could get it work very well. But remember, for better performance, the recommended frequency is 1Khz ~ 60Khz. In our library, we set the pwm frequency over 1Khz.

Download Koding Driver Motor DC 50A Arduino Shield

Aplikasi :

Rangkaian driver motor DC KRI / KRPAI, driver motor DC High Ampere High Torsi, driver motor kursi roda elektrik, driver motor segway, driver motor industrial mobile robot AGV dll

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